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Recent posts: NAMM 2015

Arturia – Beatstep Pro

This is what I consider the most incredible machine from the entire show.

It’s a MIDI controller, its two step sequencers and a drum sequencer. It can control MIDI devices as well as C/V devices at the same time and can be used as an USB controller on top. And still it’s smaller than one of those gigantic bars of Milka chocolate.

The best thing about it – function aside – is it’s price. 299,-! Can you believe it?

Now if I only had a Vermona DRM1, a SH-101 and say a TB-303… 😉–165“ alt=““ />

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Korg – SQ1, MS20M, Arp Odyssey

Korg reveals a triumvirate of retro vibe with the annoucment of an analog step sequencer, the sq1, a keyboard-less version of the MS20 kit and a recreation of the legendary Apr Odyssey.

There really is not much to say about this as those names should speak for them selves, so I’ll keep it short and give you some pics 🙂

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Moog – the return of the modular

Modular synthesis is on the rise, and has been for quite some time now. There is a considerable market and the end of that trend is not yet in sight.

This might have been the trigger why Moog, the company that once started it all, hopped on the train and returned with their modular systems, the „entry-level“ Model 15, the midrange System 35 and the behemoth System 55.

I’m not so sure why they waited that long, but if you look at the price tags (10000 $, 22000 $ and 35000 $) the thought that the main motivation for that late market entry might not be a decision to bring awesome, new, innovative technology but rather to milk a fat cow. The corresponding keyboard and sequencer come at 800 $ and 8600 $.

So if your budget is 44400 $ and you want to invest in a keyboard, a modular rack and a sequencer, you will be able to finance a wall of racks beyond your wildest dreams, full of innovative, crazy modules – rather than a recreation of the sound of the 70s.

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Roland – JD-XI

A new synthesizer from Roland, that is always exciting news. This little box comes stuffed with features that appear to be really thought through.

It appears to be combination of analog synthesis and sample player, plus it sports a microphone jack (and some sort of microphone apparently). The built-in vocoder and autotune effects allow a daft-punk in a box-like performance. It’s step sequencer allows rudimentary sequencing.

Obviously, it’s not the most refined tool out there, but I’m sure you can have a lof of fun with it.


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Clavia Nord – Electro 5

Fittingly, the first product to be discussed on my blog comes from a company located way, way north:

he Swedish maker of stagepianos and iconic synths alike has announced a new addition to it’s product range, the Nord Electro 5. As the number 5 indictates, it’s the fifth edition of the classic Electro stage pianos, aimed at musicians who are in search for a high quality emulation of classical electro mechanical and acoustic instruments.

It comes with features one would expect from current generation devices, such as an OLED display (monochrome), 1+ GB memory and several built-in effects.

The Electro 5 comes in 3 versions: the 5D 61 (61 keys) and the 5D 73 (73 keys) with organ drawbars to recreate an hammond-like feel, plus the 5HP 73 version with 73 keys and a hammer action keyboard.

Note that there is no version with a full-size keyboard (88 keys) available. It can be assumed they will be sturdily built like all Nord products to ensure portability.

It will be available around march and although there is no word on prices out yet, I estimate they will come at similar prices as the old ones plus a little bonus, like most new products.

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