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There’s Life on this Planet!

Ahoy ahoy,
long time no see!
Just recently, I listened to an older episode of the excellent cd baby podcast, the DIY Musician Podcast, in which Kevin and Chris talk about 12 mistakes artists often are making with their websites – and, apparently, me included!

13 Februar 2017 Allgemein Read more

Vinyl on The Rise, no End in Sight

No, it’s not April’s Fools, and most of you know this probably already.
The demand for Vinyl records is on the rise. That, per se, is a good thing. As unsexy schlepping the black gold to a gig was, as sexy Vinyl records are as objects for audiophile hipsters.
The problem with the continuously rising demand is that vinyl pressing plants can’t keep up with the demand because they lack capacity. In fact, this went so far that pressing shops stopped to accept new customers and record labels opening their own plants.
But there is good news! In some random warehouse in Chicago, Chad Kassem of Quality Record Pressings, found 13 vintage presses from the 90s.
This may sound like a bag-of-rice kind of news, but since new presses aren’t manufactured anymore this becomes kinda important news for vinyl lovers.

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Mastering for SoundCloud


Many electronic music producers use SoundCloud these days to reach their audience. In fact almost every one of us uses SoundCloud to get music to our audience. But SoundCloud is so much more than just a simple music streaming platform, it’s a great way to get in touch with your audience and get exposure. It is such a mighty tool, you cannot neglect it.

22 Februar 2015 Sound Read more

How not to Get Stuck – Do One Thing at a Time

The Danger of Getting Carried Away

As I described earlier on this blog, one of the common mistakes often encountered by beginner producers just as advanced producers, is getting stuck in the process while creating new songs.

8 Februar 2015 Producing Read more

Start producing techno music! But how?

No limits

Congratulations! You decided to get into techno music production, to get into producing the most exciting kind of music. A kind of music with almost no other common denominator than the complete absence of any rules.

5 Februar 2015 Producing Read more

Arturia – Beatstep Pro

This is what I consider the most incredible machine from the entire show.

27 Januar 2015 NAMM 2015 Read more

Korg – SQ1, MS20M, Arp Odyssey

Korg reveals a triumvirate of retro vibe with the annoucment of an analog step sequencer, the sq1, a keyboard-less version of the MS20 kit and a recreation of the legendary Apr Odyssey.

27 Januar 2015 NAMM 2015 Read more

Moog – the return of the modular

Modular synthesis is on the rise, and has been for quite some time now. There is a considerable market and the end of that trend is not yet in sight.

27 Januar 2015 NAMM 2015 Read more

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