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Aural.Cast Ep. 1

Aural.Cast Ep. 1


Published on: 01.06.2015

From the press with love, directly into your Aural Nodes


01 Anna Livia by Antigone
02 Drop the Beat by Jacob Richter
03 Fadenkreuzung by Lampenfieber
04 Invisible by Marc Poppcke
05 Wide Fader by Nikkolas Research
06 Sparkle One by Miro Pajic
07 Mad World (Franx Remix)by Dub Rain
08 Get Ready by Giulio Lnt
09 Drop the Beat by Jacob Richter
10 Artefakt by Antigone
11 Off Original Club Mix by Ant Brooks
12 Saga by Marc Poppcke
13 Close To Death (Original Mix)by Laifis Happ-y
14 Senses Original Mix by Hotspot & Komaroff
15 Red One Original Club Mix by Gaga & Hellomonkey
16 Take Off by Phonic Senses
17 El Maestro by Bulaklak
18 Asanoa by Daniele Tessa
19 Detune by Un:Code
20 Beat Box by Mirko Lovato
21 Aquarius by nanome
22 Little Dance Original Mix by Prok & Fitch
23 Submarine (Original Mix) by Mogwali
24 Bloom by Marc Poppcke
25 Yoda (State’s Alkemist Experience)by Andrea Belluzzi
26 Hot Spot by Lado
27 It’s Too Right Original Club Mix by Heartik
28 Impulse by Marc Poppcke