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There’s Life on this Planet!

There’s Life on this Planet!

Ahoy ahoy,
long time no see!
Just recently, I listened to an older episode of the excellent cd baby podcast, the DIY Musician Podcast, in which Kevin and Chris talk about 12 mistakes artists often are making with their websites – and, apparently, me included!

One of those mistakes being not to update your homepage on a regular basis!

So here it is, the sign of life. I’m still active, still making music (in fact, the remix edition of my last ep just got released). This latest release is performing quite well, it got recognition from giants like Nick Warren and even was charted by Hernan Cattaneo.
Plus, I have some unpublished tracks I’m going to put out there for you guys. I just haven’t decided wether I sign them with a label or not. So good things are happening, and even better ones are about to happen. Whoop whoop!

Ok, so why didn’t you guys hear from me in so long? The reason is as simple as it is joyful: I became a father, and parenting is my main occupation until our baby boy goes to daycare.

So hang in there, I’ll keep posting bits and stuff more regularly, or should I say regularly – period.

Talk to you soon,


emptiness photo

Hello? Somebody there? Photo by The Dark Veil

13 Februar 2017 Allgemein

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