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What do I need to make Techno Music?

Techno is one of the musical genres that would not exist without the excessive use of technology. Maybe that’s a bold statement given the fact that Guys like Seb├ístian Zoppi or Dario Rossi make techno with nothing but a few buckets, but given what we see if we watch techno artists performing it’s no wonder one of the most common questions beginners ask is “what do I need to make Techno music?”. After all, Techno godfather Juan Atkins said himself maybe two decades ago that techno is all about music that sounds like machines, rather than machines that sound like music.

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Analogue pressure.
Manually forged Techno.
If Technasia and Sebastian Mullaert had a child, it probably sounded like this.

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Clouds at Dawn (East Cafe, LoQuai Remixes)

Coalesced from the Aural.Node mind, the beautiful four-track, “Clouds at Dawn” EP, saw the German producer combine rhythm and melody in striking fashion. Now returning to the EP Particles provides a pair of remixes from two of the underground scene’s leading lights.

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Clouds at Dawn EP – PSI 1620

With a mission statement to include the newest and brightest talent with the more established order of underground dance artists, Particles has always been at the vanguard of the dance movement, helping to give artists a platform in an unforgiving industry. As 2016, swiftly kicks into gear, we are proud to introduce another new artist to our roster, this time in the shape of German producer, Aural. Node and his “Clouds at Dawn” EP.

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There’s Life on this Planet!

Ahoy ahoy,
long time no see!
Just recently, I listened to an older episode of the excellent cd baby podcast, the DIY Musician Podcast, in which Kevin and Chris talk about 12 mistakes artists often are making with their websites – and, apparently, me included!

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